Captivating Resilience

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Look amongst the branches in dawn's light for inspiration in a small package.

Look amongst the branches in dawn’s light—a small inspiration.

Part Five of the Lockout Series

Moving into Freedom’s Fullness

Every morning, a sweet hummingbird greets the day from the branches of our backyard plum tree. He is faithful to protect his territory. He is elegant in his stance, high above his grounds. He never leaves his watchfulness to others. He protects his domain from predators and keeps his mate in safety. He enjoys sweet delights and plays well. He is beautiful to watch, with his bright red throat and sweeping gestures. To me, he is resilient.

It is both deeply centering and challenging to watch his dance in and out of the trees in our yard. I can draw some life lessons that I hope to emulate in my pursuit of resilience in life.

Tenacious protectiveness

This hummingbird protects his territory from birds three times its size and others. It’s even buzzed my head if I get too close. It does not exhibit fear or lack of resolve. When it comes to matters of great importance or meaning, like family, I want to be more like him. This unfailing protectiveness is his life’s calling and I hope to have that total focus.

Tremendous beauty

From atop the tree, his little neck turns left and right, as he takes in the view over the yard and neighborhood. It pleases me with flashes of the rubies he wears every day. I delight in the beauty he observes, and hope to offer a watchful presence that is pleasant in my relationships. I, too, need to feast on small points of beauty to be strengthened for my job as a writer or parent and the other roles I play in life. That beauty is an anchor when things get stormy and keeps me mindful of grace.

Terrific energy

Most would say watching the impossibly fast wing beat of a hummingbird is fascinating. The little guy moves like a sleek jet plane pausing near a gorgeous flower or defending its territory from an invader. Indeed, the hummingbird fills his space with undaunted energy and hope.

He knows when to rest and enjoy a moment.

He is fixed on his role in life.

He provides joy to others.

This is my great hope in speaking, writing, blogging, and creating tales with characters that learn about resilience, great for any age:

  • That the precious belief of new beginnings takes hold in your life and mine, too.
  • That this quest for resolve is met with endurance and renewed belief and connection.
  • That your season of heartache and baggage collection takes a back seat to high-flying adventure and joy.
  • That the locks that once kept inside what little endurance you held onto, have shaken free, and fallen to the ground, revealing a path to deepest healing.
  • That peacefulness, and secret delight punctuated with touches of the unknown, fill more of your moments each day.
  • That the undaunted belief in the unyielding truth of being loved unconditionally and known completely in your core is a bit nearer in understanding.

Now, let a new dawn begin.

It has been a pleasure to share the Lockout Series with all of you and hear how it’s helped. How has the series affected you? Please post your comments below.

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