How Elizabeth Van Tassel got her kids to love writing and reading a lot glasses and pen and paper.

How To Get Kids Interested In Writing and Reading

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I’m often asked about how I helped my sons to love reading and how parents can encourage their kids to love writing. I personally think the two go hand in hand. As a corporate writer for many years, and now venturing into ideas for kids and nonfiction for adults, I’ve had exposure to some great […]


Rogue One At Disneyland Star Wars Launch Bay

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In honor of Walt Disney’s birthday, Joey wanted to take you on a tour of the new Rogue One installation at the Star Wars Launch Bay. Take a break from the crowds and step inside the large building in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. It’s fun to watch the insider tracks and interviews with the director and […]


Doctor Strange’s Costume Up Close!

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We at the VT household have been recovering from a terrible bug, so I’m letting Jonathan take over today and show you an up-close look at Doctor Strange’s costume worn by Benedict Cumberbatch that we saw in a preview recently! And some great pictures as well. What did you think of the movie? The effects […]

YA Author Sara Ella and I chat about her debut novel, Unblemished.

The Other Side of Unblemished with YA Author Sara Ella

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My dear friend Young Adult Author Sara Ella shares all kinds of insights about her debut novel, Unblemished, which is launching October 11th, 2016. Scroll down to see the YouTube interview. As a resilience expert, I dig deeper into character insights and choices Sara made while developing the plot and character aspects. Sara shares interesting […]


Never Let Go Of Magic with Author Shannon Messenger

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  Recently I met Shannon Messenger, author of the middle grade Keeper of the Lost Cities series and the Sky Fall series for young adults. Shannon is a delight and her stories are so wonderful. It was a genuine pleasure to meet her and hear about her books for both groups. Shannon is an accomplished […]