Finding Peace In the In-Betweens

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The phrase “peace be with you” is often used in discussions or when you visit a church, but what does it really mean? How does it apply when you are in waiting mode? This school year has brought several unwanted and unusual challenges, ranging from house repairs to really tough trials for our children. In […]

Don’t miss the Christmas whimsy

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The holidays are here and elves have appeared, ballerinas dance with nutcrackers that come alive, and all kinds of stories and historical tales find renewal underneath Christmas trees and other scenes. It seems like the child’s eye of life takes over once a year, briefly, and allows us all to relax into the memories of […]

The Treasure Box

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When you have to pack and run for it, you find out what is your true treasure. This week we’ve been in Dallas before some media work and it’s given me a renewed appreciation for generous hearts once more. People who accept you after many years, places bringing old smiles back to the surface, silly […]

Eyes Wide Open

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Crash goes my arm, yet again. I’m swimming backstroke and have forgotten to keep my eyes open. I love the feel of the water stirring and renewed energy, but only seem to swim straight with my eyes open, not closed. I do some of my best thinking swimming backwards. Not sure why. Except the quiet […]

The Hidden Magic

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Have you had a season of life where you felt bogged down, burdened by too many options and commitments? Look for that tinge of hidden happiness, and keep following it. There is a hidden joy that surprised me recently. It reminds me of watching a thorn-bearing rose bush come to life as the fragrant flowers […]

The Lady’s Fingerprints—A Tribute to Elisabeth Elliot

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If you scratch beneath those early years, you’ll find the words of Elisabeth Elliot. Her message of relentless hope has carried so many through adversity to the other side of deeper healing. I spent part of this week looking at skeletons and footprints from Dinosaurs in a museum. It’s fascinating to realize that these animals […]

Lay Down Old Luggage

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Part Three of the Lockout Series It’s spring so perhaps you’ve been tidying up as we have in the corners that grow stacks like bunnies and need a fresh approach. It’s a continual struggle for me, this rearming, refocusing, and getting rid of things. I’ve spent time recently sorting out, yet more to go, but […]

Are You A Double Agent?

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Part Two of the Lockout Series When I say the word “undercover” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s secret agents, or double agents. I like spy movies and intrigue. But here’s a tricky thought: are you your own double agent when it comes to dealing with trials? Are you improving […]