Captivating Resilience

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Part Five of the Lockout Series Moving into Freedom’s Fullness Every morning, a sweet hummingbird greets the day from the branches of our backyard plum tree. He is faithful to protect his territory. He is elegant in his stance, high above his grounds. He never leaves his watchfulness to others. He protects his domain from […]

Escape the Quicksand of Heartache

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What is heartache? I’d define it as that sinking feeling when a difficult topic arises with a friend. It can be connected to relationships or experiences, but it’s that quicksand of loss and hurt that surrounds you when the topic or person comes up. So how do you transform your emotions after a season of […]

Lay Down Old Luggage

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Part Three of the Lockout Series It’s spring so perhaps you’ve been tidying up as we have in the corners that grow stacks like bunnies and need a fresh approach. It’s a continual struggle for me, this rearming, refocusing, and getting rid of things. I’ve spent time recently sorting out, yet more to go, but […]

Are You A Double Agent?

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Part Two of the Lockout Series When I say the word “undercover” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s secret agents, or double agents. I like spy movies and intrigue. But here’s a tricky thought: are you your own double agent when it comes to dealing with trials? Are you improving […]

Resilience Or Lockout?

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How do you reinvent your trials by fire? I’ve been polishing my proposal for the manuscript now that the novel is complete and needed something to keep the super book I’m reading open. I reached in the desk drawer and saw this heavy lock. I laid it down with a loud, THUNK! Without realizing it, […]