Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

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It’s been a full time lately, with big challenges, and neat opportunities, too. But it’s very tiring. And we’ve been battling the spring colds. Now, I’m finding such refreshment in the simple things. Walks in the park, blossoms on trees, cool breezes with bike rides. Flying a kite. Sometimes during a hectic season, it’s nice to slow down and enjoy the moment. It takes a settled soul to look for that pause, and leave room for reflection.

Some of my favorite moments lately:

  • Smelling the flowers at gorgeous gardens


  • Sipping wine with my favorite guy


  • Silly moments with games


  • Stepping into history
  • Smiling with my son on stage


  • Sharing my writing with kids

Here’s wishing you moments to cast off the cares, if only for a short while, and pick up laughter, love, encouragement, and fun.

And maybe a breeze to go fly a kite! We did!

Recent happenings:

I’m working with a great group of teens and tweens and writer Laura Namey to start a new YouTube channel. So much fun and great messages on the way! Check back this week for the link when we go live!


I’ll be featuring kids stories on the new website in a series called, “What’s It Like.” Whether your child is a junior astronaut or ballerina, dancer or chef, I’d love to feature their stories. If you’d like to be considered, submit your idea in the “contact” page on this website. They can write a short description and send in their photos for a chance to be featured on the blog!


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