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Happy to be joining Ambassador Agency author Elizabeth Van Tassel, bookcase, gnomes

I’ve received a wonderful gift that is a dream come true—an offer of agent representation from literary agent Wes Yoder with Ambassador Agency. Signing with an agent is a great step forward in pursuing my dream of publishing my middle grade fantasy and other stories.

Author Elizabeth Van Tassel signing her literary agent contract bookcase behind her, gnomes around.

Signing my literary agent contract, so excited for the future!

Wes has helped the careers of many musicians, authors, and prominent people who’ve made a huge difference in my life. He represents some exciting fiction authors like Paul Young (The Shack), Matt Mikalatos, and Jolina Petersheim. He has a rich history working with famous media anchors, actors and actresses, heads of companies, Dr. Alveda King (Martin Luther King Jr’s niece), and he’s worked with a lot of wonderful musicians, like Amy Grant (one of my favorites!!). Authors who’ve touched my career like Jerry Jenkins and books I’ve read for middle grade like Frank Peretti’s also have shared Wes’s expertise. Lisa Whelchel, who I loved in The Facts of Life and met years ago at a MOPS conference, and Stormie Omartian and Rick Warren, too. He also has an amazing speakers bureau so, over time, I can grow my platform and speak about our wildfire story to help in faith-based and other settings.

What is Lauren Goldray and the Crystal Timescope about?

Quote from author Elizabeth Van Tassel's middle grade fantasy over white crystals.


Have you ever read about a discovery in real life and imagined the story behind it? Or tried to place yourself in a historic home or castle, picturing how it all was back in the day? I’m always doing this and my novel uses a real-life mystery as its basis. Recently, a crystal necklace was excavated from a Viking hoard. Archeologists discovered it might be from an early telescope—created hundreds of years before Galileo stared at the heavens.

I was dazzled by the necklace, and as a gemologist kept thinking of the properties of quartz, which is beautiful under the microscope and acts as a conductor. Out of that wonder, the genesis of Lauren Goldray and the Crystal Timescope came into focus, featuring this real-life necklace in an adventurous reimagining of a story from Swedish folklore.


Still reeling from wildfires that ravaged her home and damaged her hearing, twelve-year-old Lauren Goldray struggles to adjust to her new hearing aids—especially when mysterious voices start telling her she must protect the ancient crystal necklace her gemologist mother is studying in the lab. The voices tell her an evil Overlord, Dagen Dragare, wants to control its magical capabilities.

When her mother is kidnapped, Lauren discovers the necklace opens a gateway to another world where dragonflies talk, gems command power, and words float. She teams up with super-smart thirteen-year-old Marshall Im and Jessop the tomte, or gnome-spy, while avoiding a tricky double agent to rescue their parents. Lauren’s hearing loss makes her the best candidate to fight the Overlord’s negative thoughts and mind-invasive inventions. The kids work together to save two worlds from Dagen’s plans to use mind control and, much like a drug dealer, sell emotions for commercial gain.

Characters and images from author Elizabeth Van Tassel's fantasy

Have you ever felt out of place, and dealt with negative thoughts? Twelve-year-old Lauren Goldray is plagued by them and hides in her music. That is until she is pulled into this mystery and suddenly her hearing aids and voices they pick up take center stage. Lauren must discover the truth behind the voices in her mind and hearing aids, and her own deeper meaning, to navigate the difficulties she encounters.

Lauren has had to recover from physical and other losses as a wildfire survivor and I’ve shared some of what we went through as nuggets in the story that any child can relate to who’s been through losing a friend or trying to find his or her own voice in growing up.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!


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  1. Pam Halter says:

    Elizabeth!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo!!!! This is SO exciting!!!! Congrats and God’s blessings! Can’t wait for your book to come out!!

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