Finding Your Greatest Adventure

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I’m often asked this question: “I want to try new things but am afraid others will laugh. How do I begin?”

What if the best way to uncover your own dreams in life, your deeper sense of adventure, could be held in your very hands? What if, like a magic potion or Jeanie’s wish, you could fly with airplanes in a dogfight, or search undersea for forgotten lands, or hike high mountain ranges without ever leaving your house.

“Oh, wait a minute, I know what she’s about to say,” you think.

“Books? What?”

Yes, I’m encouraging you to read. Not to make you snore or eyes glaze over.  But to create a picture in your mind of what’s possible in life.

Consider a new way to choose books.

Location: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Turkey? Israel? Sweden (then try my book once published!) and your local librarian can help you select titles that involve travel. A virtual visit can make you more aware of other cultures in your city and open your mind to possibilities.

Activity: What have you always wanted to do? Fly a plane? Go treasure hunting? Paint like a master? Find a great book in that perspective and you’ll love where it takes you. One time I went to South America, and someone told me to get a biography and novel about the area I was traveling to. They brought such different layers of appreciation to my trip. I knew a bit about the cultures, the street festivals, and the clothing before I ever packed my bag.

Character trait: What are you trying to change or enhance in yourself? Are you looking for perfect hairstyles, or courage to help your friends? Do you wish you knew more about self-defense or how a car works? With a little advice from someone knowledgeable, you might find a new author to follow. When we lost our home in a wildfire, I wanted to read about courageous people, I’ve got some great recommendations HERE .

So next time you’re bored, harness just one bit of curiosity to bring you a new outlook.

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