Fourtané Jewelers delights with stories behind gems

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On a cold, rainy day in Carmel, CA, I tucked inside and found a whole other world with the wonderful, historic Fourtané Jewelers. As a gemologist, I’m always looking for exceptional jewelry, and as a resilience expert I love to focus on beauty. I was especially thrilled to spend time with their master jeweler who has an artist’s perspective on crafting the story behind his custom pieces. Come join me as we walk through some of the gems here, or go to my YouTube channel below for the full visit and interview.


About Fontané

Open since 1950 and owned by John Bonifas, the diamonds and exquisitely carved gems are like none other. Whether it’s jewelry inspired by Art Nouveau, or authentic antiques, it was exceptional. I got to visit with their Master Jeweler, Juan Da Silva about a special piece he hand-crafted from an exceptional black Australian opal.

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He used inspiration from Da Vinci and other Renaissance jewelers to hand-design and craft the gorgeous gold and diamond encrusted setting surrounded by winding grapevines that remind him of his heritage.




The tour touched such delight, with amazing historic amethysts and so much more. When you’re in Carmel, be sure to stop by.

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