Grace Bombs

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Notice the big knot in the necklace? I can focus on what’s stuck or what really matters in the frame.

Notice the big knot in the necklace? I can focus on what’s stuck or what really matters in the frame.

I was stacking plastic bowls where the kids have easy access. At the back of the drawer, sat a wad of old pretzels. How did they get there? And this after two drives to school with forgotten items this morning. It’s definitely looking like we need some grace bombs around our home today.

I have two tween-aged boys, and so everything around here is very boy-friendly. Especially when we need to learn a lesson. So we developed the question, ”Does this need a grace bomb?” to apply to the little mistakes. Grace fills me with forgiveness and hope, a readiness to move on and learn from the past, a touch of Jesus’ kindness to my cheek when I need it the most.

When we were coming out of months of exhausting recovery, whether from a disaster or medical issue, it was pretty easy to get down if we made a mistake. My personal worst: forgetting things. Like birthdays, or something else important. So frustrating.

I’ve read a lot about dealing with stress, and forgetting is pretty common. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “It’s my pregnant brain, please forgive me!” After the wildfires, I’d attend insurance recovery meetings where we tried to grapple with stacks of paperwork that replaced our belongings and lost memories. Nice ladies would apologize about missing a meeting, they’d say: “Oh, it’s my fire brain.” Nasty but true.

Determined to adjust and improve, my kids and I developed grace bombs, invisible pockets of love we can throw at each other to cheer one another up. Bad day at school? Snapping at your sibling? Stop, drop, and receive some grace from those that love you the most. Forgot something at home, put it on your schedule, try to improve, and receive the belief that you will do better next time.

I need grace bombs when I fall behind or wish I could spend more time with friends, but we are in a very busy season. It helps with fighting the winter illnesses and getting a bit behind on some things.

Where do you need more grace in your life? Or does your family need a pause of grace in their path today? Wishing you grace-filled hope and a resolve to rise above the past and bring more joy in the days ahead.

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  1. Teresa Stepanow says:

    Love this! I am in need of some Grace bombs!😉💕

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  2. Paige Mayhew says:

    “Lead with Grace.” That is how we say it around our home. It’s what I tell myself before I respond with an email or phone call that tweaks me the wrong way. It’s so helpful to diffuse the ugly in my own heart. Thanks for another great way to approach it!

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