Help Name My Blog, and Giveaway Too!

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I’ve been working on some great things for my website update, including a more fun focus on gems, mysteries, and things for teens and tweens as well as for parents, Moms groups, educators, and people making a new beginning in life. Phew!

Now it’s time to name the new blog, which will have separate sections for kids and adults. Sometimes it will feature content like you’re used to here — meaningful tips to live with greater resilience whether you’re facing bullies, or trying to be more adventurous after a difficult season in life. The new things, though, will be related to my fantasy writing and have a bit of dazzle and intrigue — interesting gem mysteries, fashion intrigue, historical gems, fun ideas for families to do together, interviews with people of interest, famous and upcoming authors, book reviews, and more. I’m so excited to show it to you soon!

But I need help! I want to name the blog for both audiences, with an upbeat twist that hints at both the fun and meaningful sides. That’s where you come in. If you know of a great title, or like one of these below, please list your ideas in the comments below. You can also go on my Author Facebook or Instagram and post your suggestions. I’d especially appreciate input from kids in fifth grade and older, through early high school years.

Giveaway: I’m giving away a fun gem kit to grow your own gems at home to the winning participant who lives in the continental U.S. Or you may choose a $10 Amazon gift card if you prefer. I’m selecting the top three blog names (with my own team of kids to help) from your suggestions, and we’ll post them for your final votes! You’ll need to supply shipping information and an email address once it’s been determined. I’d love it if whole classes of kids voted or came up with ideas, too! If you are in the San Diego area, I’ll come visit your class with a popsicle party to celebrate your part in things or can visit your class via Skype and teach my “Writing Fractured Fairytales” seminar to your class!

Here are some suggestions so far:

  • Captivating Gems
  • Rocket Fuel For Life
  • Digging Gems Of The Heart
  • Finding Your Hidden Superpower
  • The Magical Inlet
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Sparks of Trigons (special marks on diamonds)
  • The Cave
  • The Dop and Tang (An amazing tool used to polish diamond rough into gems)

I can’t wait to see your suggestions!

We’ll resume our 10 Knock-Out Stress tips next week!


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8 Responses to "Help Name My Blog, and Giveaway Too!"
  1. Angie says:

    How about “Finding Gems”?

  2. Teresa Stepanow says:

    A twinkle and a smile

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