Makeover time!

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Thorn & Vine and my website are getting a makeover this month! If you tune in and things seem, well, a bit off or more creative than usual, or fonts are a bit sideways, I’m updating and simplifying a few things. Hold tight, we should be back to regular programming soon!

The interesting thing is I’m getting a haircut tomorrow and we’re in the final stretch of the school year for our kids. Lots of parallels. Have you been in a season of change now, too?

Take care and more soon! Elizabeth

2 Responses to "Makeover time!"
  1. KT Sweet says:

    Yes, a lot of prayerful considering going on at my end. Website updating definitely needs to be on my list. Looking forward to the writing retreat!

    • evantassel says:

      Wasn’t it special? Loved being with Mary Weber and CJ Redwine! And you too!

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