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Today’s families are looking for great stories that not only capture their children’s imaginations but also prepare them for life. Whether on YouTube, in movies, or in their favorite books, parents want fresh inspiration to help their kids reach their full potential in life. And adults search for real-life motivation for finding a new path after a crisis hits. As a gem specialist and resilience expert who’s survived losing everything in a wildfire and many family medical crises, I really have lived with diamonds, wildfires, and miracles. Determined to thrive, rather than just get by, I spot potential for kids and adults to shorten their path and live with resilience.


I have interviewed countless contemporary writers, both emerging and world-famous, in young adult, inspirational and romance, and write adventurous fiction myself. Whether it’s talking to a Disney princess, talking to a world famous romance author or up-and-coming young adult writer, or hunting down a jewel mystery for Marie Antoinette, I write stories and blog posts, as well as YouTube videos and more to entertain and delight audiences. I help others rise above circumstances and begin meaningful life changes.

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Thorn & Vine Blog

Using my background as a gemologist, years of corporate marketing expertise with a large, international consulting firm and volunteer youth ministry, I craft messages with depth and intrigue for tweens and teens, as well as adults. My YouTube series and blog, Thorn & Vine™, explores everything from insights from famous writers to historic jewel mysteries, to spots of beauty for today’s kids all with one goal in mind—spurring others to find beauty, not give up hope in the face of adversity. I help people connect with meaningful resources and stories to encourage others and make a difference.

Fantasy Series

I’ve just finished writing a magical realism novel that combines my love for tweens and teens, interest in history, and knowledge of gems in the fractured fairytale/folklore vein that is so popular in middle grade/young adult fantasy fiction. I am seeking the right publisher for what I hope will be a great gem mystery series with a deeper message of resilience packed within. It has recently won second place in the 2016 ACFW Keystone Great Beginnings Contest and was a semi-finalist in the 2016 ACFW Genesis Contest.

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Corporate Writing

I spent years writing for the corporate world and have been published in industry publications, such as Ernst & Young’s Great Sales, State and Local Tax Report, Southwest Region State and Local Tax Report, AIM Program newsletters, Action Line for Actuarial Services, Tort Reform Update, Celebrating The Firm, and more than 15 newsletters, many press releases, proposals (RFPs), news releases, and advertisements. Here’s a sampling of newsletters, press releases, brochures, media communications, advertisements, articles, and RFPs (proposals). I had hundreds more, but they are lost to the fires!

Online Articles

Seriously Write, where I share how to write about difficult times and offer only the gems, not the rough. Find it HERE.

Seekerville where I discuss “The Power of The Right Turn”.
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Littworld Online, “Under The Robes” with a special jewelry story with a twist from my time as a gemologist. Interesting insight into royals, too. Find it HERE.