Resilience Or Lockout?

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Are your difficulties stuck in storage or giving you new freedom?

Are your difficulties stuck in storage or giving you new freedom?

How do you reinvent your trials by fire?

I’ve been polishing my proposal for the manuscript now that the novel is complete and needed something to keep the super book I’m reading open. I reached in the desk drawer and saw this heavy lock. I laid it down with a loud, THUNK! Without realizing it, I’d put possibly the hardest iconic item right on my future dreams—the lock from our storage unit after the fires. EEK!

What a word picture.

This one object protected the photos and items the fire fighters grabbed as our home was in flames. We were so grateful to have any small remnant and some day I’ll tell you the whole story. Suffice is to say, this lock represents the “line in the sand” between our past and the future we stepped into as we left behind what was lost and reached forward into what was to come.

I’ve put some of the struggles we’ve had into my protagonist’s struggle as she lost her hearing in a wildfire. In fact, my great hope is that children will be able to watch Lauren Goldray as she copes with difficulties, and has great adventures, and overcomes the evil Overlord. That they won’t be so unprotected and will find good resources to deal with issues that cause heartache.

So the question for you is this:

How are you using your heartache?

Is it still locked away or have you allowed yourself to be transformed?

If you have, bravo! Please share your insights here.

But if you’re struggling with how to be transformed, stay tuned for the Lockout Series where I’ll discuss tips to:

  • Process what’s still under cover
  • Lay down luggage holding you back
  • Give away the heartache
  • Resolve to be resilient, and walk in freedom

Don’t let your past define your future! Share this link with someone who’s having a rough season in life, too.

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