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Inspiration, Bringing Light To The Dark Corners of Life

The Resilient Authors Project

I kept meeting amazing authors with personal stories as dynamic as their writing, and have compiled their nuggets of wisdom into a series of videos. Their stories of surviving military trials, divorce and recovery, financial strain, special needs children, death, and more make me appreciate the worlds they create for their characters. And helps me find relief from my own pressures, and connect with a larger vision for hope, peace, and love in life. I hope they will encourage you too. The project benefits other wildfire, flood, and catastrophe victims through United Policyholders and The Red Cross. So while you’re healing, you can touch other lives still crispy with pain, lending a bit of kindness and generosity from the heart.


When Elizabeth Van Tassel, resilience expert and fantasy writer, survived a wildfire that took all her possessions, she never dreamed her path of healing would make her an expert about rising above difficulties. Elizabeth spent months interviewing romance, young adult, historical, and inspirational authors searching for insights to inspire others on their path to wholeness.

These four, half-hour segments tackle everything from death, losses, divorce, financial difficulties, special needs children, new career paths, widowhood, military deployments, dyslexia challenges, and more. See how these creative authors deal with real-life struggles and find their lasting strength, faith, and hope.


The series includes many multi-published, famous authors and up-and-coming writers.

Makes a great gift for friends in need, those with big losses, or anyone making a new beginning!

A portion of each purchase goes to worthwhile charities like The Red Cross and United Policyholders, who helped the Van Tassels in their recovery from the wildfires of 2007.

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