Seven Steps to a Resilient Christmas

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Have you ever wondered if your holiday could be more about gathering and connecting rather than collecting stuff? I’ve got seven of my favorite tips to share with you below to bring a sense of hope and refreshment to you during the holidays this year.

  1. Discuss what kind of holiday you want to have as a whole family.

    Plan a special dinner or coffee outing to bring a notepad and brainstorm this all together. Should you get out all the decorations or are there too many commitments right now? What memories mean the most for each of you in past years? Let the things with meaning be your “must have’s” rather than sales and things.

  2. Use the good china, linens, and heirlooms.

    One of my greatest regrets (and lessons learned) from the fires is to go ahead and use the pretty things that have been passed down. If something happens, a chip or mishap, then at least it was treasured. Keeping things put away and never used is a sad loss of what could have been.

  3. Put yourself in the equation.

    Remember basics like exercise and self-care. Promote these items to “must do’s” lists weekly. You will enjoy every moment so much more and be the best elf possible this way!

  4. Understand your budget limitations and communicate them in advance.

    We are in a season of thinning out our things and being more cautious with investments so we have told our kids and families this in advance. It’s much better to be realistic than to climb the mountains of debt and all the complications they bring to life.

  5. Let creativity take flight.

    When I realized our budget was tight this year, I decided that we’d be more crafty and thoughtful in different ways. We’re going to brainstorm how to use the kids’ skills with videos and photography to give thoughtful gifts, for example. My interview with Wendy Speake also encouraged me to think more about the arts and involving our kids this way as well (link HERE)

  6. Count your blessings.

    Look for ways to bless those who have helped you this year. I’m going to have neighbors and friends over for get-togethers not only in the holiday spirit but also to simply thank them for being in our lives and growing our kids up together. Be especially sensitive to including friends who’ve suffered a loss or life change this year and you will be giving lasting gifts of the heart, too.

  7. Invest in connecting rather than collecting.

    This is probably my favorite tip we learned a few years ago. I realize that the Christmases our kids have at home are dwindling in number and want to be intentional about outings and making memories rather than just running ourselves ragged with to-do’s.

How do you make a meaningful season come to life in your family?


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