Sherry Kyle and The Girl’s Guide to Life

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When you were a tween, wouldn’t you have loved having a road map to help with the twists and turns of puberty? Sherry Kyle is a wonderful author I met at ACFW a couple of years ago. When I saw her new book called The Girl’s Guide to Life, I loved the cover and wanted to know more. The sage wisdom is presented effortlessly in a fun format for girls. Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

  • What inspired you to begin to write and specifically about your most recent book, The Girl’s Guide to Life?

When my kids were small, I would take them to the public library and get a huge stack of books. After reading countless stories, I realized how much I loved books for kids! I enrolled at the Institute of Children’s Literature to learn the craft and haven’t stopped writing since. In 2010, The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style, a Gold Mom’s Choice Award winner, was published, and in 2013, The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room. With two girl’s guides under my belt, my editor requested I submit a proposal for The Girl’s Guide to Life, a book about many topics a girl thinks about, such as family, friends, boys, nutrition, fitness, and many more. I felt very honored to be asked to write this book.

  • Your book talks about having a kind of “map” to guide you through life. Have there been moments when you wished for a map in your life? Can you share some of those?

I’m the kind of person who feels more comfortable after a decision is made. I’d love a “map” during those times when I don’t know which road to take. I had a big decision recently that kept me up at night—whether or not to adopt a puppy! We have two dogs already, a Labrador that is twelve-years-old and not in good health, as well as an eight-year-old Chihuahua Terrier. Did I want to add another dog to the mix, one that would take a lot of time and training? My husband said it was my decision and that he’d support me either way. As much as I wanted the adorable 3-month-old puppy, I knew my life would change. Was I ready for that? My four almost-grown kids helped me decide when they promised they’d help care for her. We named her Bella, and she’s ADORABLE.


There are definitely situations in life that are more difficult, such as disciplining the kids or anything else family related. Fortunately, I can turn to God’s Word for answers! The Bible is the best map of all.

  • What would you have done differently if you’d had a guide in life during those times? What was the biggest lesson you learned from those mistakes or challenges?

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned during challenging times is to take one day at a time, sometimes one hour (or minute at a time), and to relax and breathe. I’ve learned to trust God and remember He’s in control. Matthew 6:27 says, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single moment to your life?”

I’ve also learned the importance of saying I’m sorry if I’ve done or said something hurtful. I think this is especially important to do with my children.

  • What fiction stories inspire you now? What do you look for in a character? What do you think of when I say “resilience”? What words pop to mind? Have you ever had to be resilient?

I enjoy contemporary women’s fiction as well as historical romance. I look for relatable characters that have something to overcome. I also gravitate toward stories where two people are reunited after years of being apart.

When I think of the word resilient, I imagine someone who weathers a tough “storm” and comes out the other side stronger than before. Yes, I’ve had to be resilient over the years—financial hardship, illness, death in the family—and I’ve seen how God not only helps me get through these tough times, but makes me stronger. John 16:33 says, “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” This verse gives me peace.


Sherry Kyle is the author of books for tween girls, including a Gold Mom’s Choice Award winner, and new releases The Girl’s Guide to Life and Love, Lexi: Letters to God. She also writes novels for women set along the coast of California where she makes her home with her college sweetheart and their four children. When she’s not writing, Sherry spends her time reading, having coffee with friends, and decorating her beach home. You can visit her at, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.



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