Situational Forgiveness and Podcast with Rev. Misty Tyme

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Join Rev. Misty Tyme and me on her podcast discussing how to forgive in any situation. Click below on the link to listen.

As a survivor of losing every possession and our home in a wildfire, I sometimes get to share my story with others who have a special heart for helping hurting families. Recently I was asked to share some insights about situational forgiveness by Rev. Misty Tyme on her podcast. (Link here: Situational Forgiveness).

We hit all the biggies, what it was like to evacuate, and how to find a path for forgiveness for self, others, and even God in the midst of stark tragedy. I was very open about how people treated us, both good and bad, and how we learned to live with gratitude rather than loss in our focus.

Rev. Misty Tyme has a wonderful forgiveness solution, a process to use in any circumstance to have more peace. She is fearless when you need to face those dragons in life! You can find out more here:

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