Have you been searching for a vibrant speaker with a life-changing message that not only impacts your audience, but also motivates them to be more engaged and make the most of every opportunity? Elizabeth’s lessons as a wildfire survivor and her stories of gems, ashes, and renewal bring hope and intentional living to the stage for your audience.

Elizabeth teaches kids, survivors, parents, writers, and women’s groups. Her dynamic message is accented with humor, beauty, and uplifting stories of resilience to create a living word-picture for anyone wanting to not just survive in life, but find the path to a better way to live.

Popular Topics

Stories and Life Lessons from the Ashes—When you lose everything in the blink of an eye, it changes your outlook on how to live life full of intentionality and meaning. Elizabeth shares the repeated life lesson of how losing things and surviving trials doesn’t have to define who you are or limit your vision in life.

The One Question—If one single question would completely transform your life, wouldn’t you want to know what it was? Elizabeth developed one as her “north star” during years of tumult from the wildfires and other emergencies.

Boost A New Beginning—Don’t you wish you had wisdom for someone experiencing death, divorce, or other tricky losses? Elizabeth has learned to face into dark times and not let them close in. Add that “boost” with tips from Elizabeth’s Rebuilding series.
perseverance and hope. Plus, the series benefits wildfire victims and worthy charities.

For writers:

How exploring fantasy and other powerful stories help you be a resilient writer— Powerful examples in fiction can help you not give up your calling to write despite difficult circumstances, and glean real-life lessons from stories.

How to weave a special expertise or life experience into your writing and platform— Whether you’re an accountant, scientist, or policeman, if you have a special skill with depth of knowledge, or perhaps a unique life experience that lends authenticity to your characters, it can set you apart with your writing. Everyone loves an authentic character but may not love your specialty as much as you do. There’s an art to weaving it into the story and not having it take over the theme.


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Upcoming Appearances:

Keynote speaker, September, 2018, Northwest Christian Writers Association, Seattle, WA.