Starting Over

You’ve just survived some huge event or circumstance, and are looking to find ways for encouragement. I’ve got many tips HERE in my archive, but can also simmer them down to seven key steps to doing more than treading water when an emergency comes along and you are in recovery.

After the wildfires last summer, I was contacted and requested to make a series to help other survivors, and here’s a preview for you:

Seven Steps to A Better Recovery Path For You and Your Family

  • Regroup—take time to pull it together. Recognize that this is a journey, not a race.
  • Hold tight—make family and faith a priority. Without this anchor, the rest will slide into meaningless circles.
  • Acknowledge your season—you can’t run away, and must face into the challenges ahead. Admitting this can save you so much wasted time. Take a breath and dive in.
  • Connect with support—there may be resources with nonprofit and support groups for your issue. You can learn so much from someone who’s already walked in your shoes.
  • Develop your guiding question—is there a question you can use to set your family priorities in any circumstance? It makes decisions, and there will be so many coming, much easier if you have this set ahead of time.
  • Downscale your involvements—choose activities and groups that feed your heart and soul or your knowledge but drop the rest. Hard choices, but you’ll need the extra time to persevere.
  • Plan “right turns”—I’ve written a whole article about this on Seekerville, HERE . Plan some short diversions when hard days come along.

To find great resources as part of the Rebuilding Your Life After Disasters, A New Beginning videos, and The Bridge, Recovery Guide from traumatic loss to thriving:


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