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Golden Gate bridge in fog with writing about summer blog updates for resilience expert Elizabeth Van Tassel

Some of you have been asking about where I’ve been so I’d like to give you some updates on this week’s Thorn & Vine blog!

Changes are afoot…

Back in February, my husband received a new job offer in the Bay Area and as soon as school got out, we’ve been swamped with moving up here and beginning to establish basics. God has been very good to us and I can’t wait to share more soon, but it’s been a learning experience being in a small apartment and living pretty simply. We are chasing down paint samples, or something for a new situation, and often get lost in the maze of multiple freeways that are required for the simple things like heading to a store for supplies or finding something for a school list.

Resilience Expert Elizabeth Van Tassel by packing boxes.

We are moving to the Bay Area and trying to remain resilient with all the change at hand!

Feeling lost…

I’ve always wished I had in internal GPS I could implant or something since even though I was a Girl Scout back in the day, I’m more visual than map oriented and although current technology and my great teen son are helping, we sometimes end up completely lost. I’ve been trying to make friends with always feeling lost. The city area we are living in is surrounded by multiple freeways so there’s no little side streets to get anywhere. We’re all going to have to adapt to this change and that niggling sense of feeling out of place is a constant companion now. I know we learn good things from new experiences, often the uncomfortable ones, and I’ll remember to make other new people I meet at home in the future!

Resilience Expert Elizabeth Van Tassel with her family near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fog curling gently around the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Writerly things…

Check out this week’s guest blog post on UPGRADE blog with Dawn Wilson. Just like the cypress trees that were once near extinction, but have survived and live nearly 300 years, we all need to find that inner sense of resilience when tough times come along. But how? I’m guest blogging on Dawn Marie Wilson‘s UPGRADE blog this month (link here:…/your-life-makeover-are-you…) about how to bounce back when you suddenly have a life makeover in store.

Dawn Wilson's UPGRADE post with resilience expert Elizabeth Van Tassel.

Jump over to Dawn Wilson’s UPGRADE blog to read my guest post!

Summer newsletter and giveaway coming!

If you’re not a regular on the blog, join the newsletter on my home page HERE and the summer updates will come directly to your email. Here’s an appetizer – so far we’ve had THOUSANDS of readers for the multiple posts by authors on topics bankruptcy, divorce, alcoholism, dealing with tragedies like tornadoes and having a child in jail. You can read all the #LetResilienceArise posts HERE. Stay tuned for more great authors including Ralene Burke, Edie Melson, Sara Ella, Khrystal Davis, and Jim Rubart, and more!

Red typewriter and summer newsletter announcement for resilience expert Elizabeth Van Tassel.

Summer Newsletter coming soon! Sign up so you don’t miss it!

Cool things for teens and tweens…

For kids: Wouldn’t you love it if you didn’t have to constantly explain yourself – if there was technology that would help your parents to understand what you’re going through or feeling? We’re going to visit to the Tech Museum in San Jose and see revolutionary technology that’s been an ongoing experiment there and could help you do just that! Will have a YouTube review posting soon, as well.

Story contest – with Amazon gift card

Call for story submissions from middle graders ages 8 through 18 years. Open topic. Winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card and be highlighted on the teen/tween blog page Whispers of Legend. Entries due September 1, 2017 to, pasted directly into the body of the email. No attachments will be opened. Please share with your friends!

Golden Gate bridge in fog with writing about summer blog updates for resilience expert Elizabeth Van Tassel




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