Three Steps To Create An Elegant Bridge To Summer

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With wisps of scented trees, bees at work in the gardens, and projects due at school, I realized it was time to really think through what we want out of this summer. When one boy left behind kids’ shoe sizes for good, and the other sprouted whiskers, I suddenly felt the slippery slope of time […]

Seven Ways To Put More Magic In Your Life

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Are mundane tasks dominating your life and stressing your outlook? Here’s seven ways to add more magic into the everyday mixture for you and your family.   Light a fire – Whether it’s a candle or a fire in the fireplace, the flickering light seems to signal something special is coming. Usually it leads to […]

Turning Up The Fun Meter In Your Life

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Part three of the Stress Knock-Out Series You’re still juggling a lot and need another route to de-stress rather than watching the television or eating something you shouldn’t. To find that smile again, try turning up the fun-meter in your life. Sometimes it’s okay to completely alter your personality for a day and push pause […]

How is your Valentine’s Day Grace?

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I have this wise, old character in my story I can’t wait for you to meet. He knows just what to say and do in sticky circumstances, and always has wisdom when I need it. I find myself wishing he was here in our world this week. The big “love” holiday is upon us, yet […]

Adapt to Open Doors

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Part Three in the New Beginnings Series One of the special moments in pursuing your dream is when unexpected opportunities land on your doorstep. Sometimes they come at the craziest moment, when you’re tending a sick one, or mid-stream in another project on an entirely different subject. Has this ever happened to you? How did […]

Build Your Infrastructure

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Part two in the New Beginnings Series Have you ever watched a bridge or large building being built? First they dig the supports and pour the concrete. Then steel girders or other firm supports are raised as the building slowly goes in place. But before any of this, there were intricate blueprints and other planning […]

Eyes Wide Open

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Crash goes my arm, yet again. I’m swimming backstroke and have forgotten to keep my eyes open. I love the feel of the water stirring and renewed energy, but only seem to swim straight with my eyes open, not closed. I do some of my best thinking swimming backwards. Not sure why. Except the quiet […]

The Legacy Gift

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My son shook the yellow envelop, trying to guess what was inside. “It’s definitely not a book!” He smiled, putting it on the kitchen table. We all drew close together. My husband John opened it, and out slid the most wonderful gift from my in-laws, all of John’s Boy Scout parent pins. It’s a meaningful […]

Guest Blogging At Seriously Write!

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Today I’m guest blogging at the wonderful blog to encourage writers, Seriously Write. My thanks to Dawn Kinzer for inviting me to share tips on how to share gems from your heart about being resilient in difficult times, without sharing the “rough.” Come join me there!

Right-turn The Blues Away

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A Recipe For Abounding Hope A weekend of down moments punctuated with sick ones, sad news, and first my husband being far away, then my son going out of town with his class, left me a bit blue recently. My wonderful husband instantly suggested a right turn, which was so nice it felt like a […]