Granville Redmond, A Word Picture Of Resilience

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  In honor of National ASL Day this weekend, I’m featuring the story of Granville Redmond, who I discovered recently at a visit to the Hunting Library in Pasadena. I was fascinated to learn about his life, stricken with scarlet fever and turned deaf at age three. Nothing held him back since he had parents […]

A Magic Stress-Reduction Potion For Your Lifestyle

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Part One of the New Year Stress Knock-Out Series  You know those annoying commercials for an instant solution – they keep you company on TV late at night when sleep has whisked away and you’re trying to settle. I was thinking, what if there was a $39.99 solution to personal stress? Wouldn’t you send in […]

10 Stress Knock-outs For The New Year

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This week, while sitting in the tire store for my car, I felt the stress mounting. Sick friends in need, many commitments to juggle, my back speaking a bad note, so many things needing attention all at once. I realized I couldn’t help anyone else until I created a game-plan to handle it better myself. […]

Five Tips To Fight The Winter Blahs

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The twinkle of Christmas and holiday fun are now a memory. Things are packed away in bins for another time. And worst of all, the neighbor’s tree is sitting outside all alone. In the rain. In a puddle. It’s, well, just not quite right. This first week of the year has already held some little […]

Press Through The Net

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Part Five in the New Beginnings Series Crisis hits! Just when you’re making progress on your dream project, the one you’ve secretly carried in your heart for years, something nasty happens. Maybe it’s a car crash, a great loss, illness, or an accident. Or it’s just an overwhelming amount of good things all calling out […]

All Star Authors Event

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Last week’s post about updrafts, those key moments when your New Beginning gets a major boost from a circumstance or meeting, brought one for me with wonderful Starley Murray. On the exact day for our eight-year anniversary of losing everything in the wildfires of 2007, I was invited to a super author’s event in Los […]

Find Your Updraft

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Part four of the New Beginnings Series. And How I Became A Gemologist! So you’ve been working diligently to understand your deepest desire, gotten infrastructure in place to support a move, and watched for open doors. Perhaps you’ve just stepped through one and aren’t sure what to do next. That’s the key moment to look […]

Coming Attractions!

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It’s going to be a few more weeks before the launch date is announced, but this week I’m taking a brief break for a video blog with hints about what you can expect.  And if you subscribe now to my website, BEFORE the launch, there will be additional benefits with the upcoming giveaways. Oops, well, […]

Understand Your Dreams

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Part One of the New Beginnings Series My son told me first thing he’d had a wonderful dream where his favorite story came alive, and he was able to fly and get special powers. You should have seen his ear-to-ear smile. I love watching a dream come true. And really, I’m so grateful for your […]