New Frozen Musical Medley at Hyperion Theater

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As part of living a beautiful life, it’s important to seek out uplifting moments for the whole family, especially with all of the turmoil going on in the world. Come find some refreshment and truly “let it go” watching captured moments of Disney’s production of Frozen at the Hyperion Theater in California Adventure. You can […]

Sparkling September

Get Ready For A Sparkling September

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September is our kick-off month for three blog themes to encourage, embolden, and inspire you, and some sparkle not to miss at Disneyland before the end of their 60th Anniversary Diamond Days celebration. Late August Note: As a gemologist, I’m always on the lookout for something beautiful to see. Pictured above is some sparkle not […]

Design Your Own Land

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Recently my son had an interesting history assignment: Design your own land and put elements of it in a box to share with the class. The whole class considered all kinds of variables, like transportation, government, systems, food, fun, family activities and more. You were allowed to choose a favorite land and enhance it. My […]

Wandering in Tomorrowland

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  We were walking through Disneyland and began to notice ladies and gentlemen dressed in period clothing. They looked very nice. Suddenly, I glanced all around and it was like being on the movie set for Tomorrowland with lots of hats, heels, and poofy skirts, too. We had inadvertently visited during Dapper Days and it […]


Enjoy Some Wonder This May

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Photo: Charlotte Bird With May just around the corner, I thought it was time for some wonder on display! Faeries remind me of the simplicity of childhood, and also keeping open to wonder in life. I was a lot like this little girl growing up, looking for the stars winking in the sky, waiting for […]

Relevant and Relatable?

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How do you enter into your kids’ worlds so you stay close during the topsy-turvy times of puberty? Recently I was helping my son with homework, teaching him to make a list of what he had to do, then checking off each point. He nodded, smiled at me, then went to the bottom and penciled […]