Design Your Own Land

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Recently my son had an interesting history assignment: Design your own land and put elements of it in a box to share with the class. The whole class considered all kinds of variables, like transportation, government, systems, food, fun, family activities and more. You were allowed to choose a favorite land and enhance it. My […]

Three Steps To Create An Elegant Bridge To Summer

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With wisps of scented trees, bees at work in the gardens, and projects due at school, I realized it was time to really think through what we want out of this summer. When one boy left behind kids’ shoe sizes for good, and the other sprouted whiskers, I suddenly felt the slippery slope of time […]

The Hidden Hearts

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On a wonderful vacation recently I started seeing things. No, really. First, after swimming with the turtles, I was resting and taking photos when I felt one in particular might be special. Get it this direction, a little voice whispered. After I peeked at the frame, I saw why. As you gaze into the pool […]

Seven Ways To Put More Magic In Your Life

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Are mundane tasks dominating your life and stressing your outlook? Here’s seven ways to add more magic into the everyday mixture for you and your family.   Light a fire – Whether it’s a candle or a fire in the fireplace, the flickering light seems to signal something special is coming. Usually it leads to […]

Press Through The Net

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Part Five in the New Beginnings Series Crisis hits! Just when you’re making progress on your dream project, the one you’ve secretly carried in your heart for years, something nasty happens. Maybe it’s a car crash, a great loss, illness, or an accident. Or it’s just an overwhelming amount of good things all calling out […]

Find Your Updraft

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Part four of the New Beginnings Series. And How I Became A Gemologist! So you’ve been working diligently to understand your deepest desire, gotten infrastructure in place to support a move, and watched for open doors. Perhaps you’ve just stepped through one and aren’t sure what to do next. That’s the key moment to look […]

Adapt to Open Doors

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Part Three in the New Beginnings Series One of the special moments in pursuing your dream is when unexpected opportunities land on your doorstep. Sometimes they come at the craziest moment, when you’re tending a sick one, or mid-stream in another project on an entirely different subject. Has this ever happened to you? How did […]

Understand Your Dreams

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Part One of the New Beginnings Series My son told me first thing he’d had a wonderful dream where his favorite story came alive, and he was able to fly and get special powers. You should have seen his ear-to-ear smile. I love watching a dream come true. And really, I’m so grateful for your […]

A present: Five Tips For A Resilient Fall

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People keep asking, what can we do to make a difference with our kids, find our dreams, or make plans that actually help? Recently I visited the Dallas Museum of Art and saw this intricate painting by Gerald Murphy, with all the gears and perfect angles. It reminds me of how delicate and tremendous it […]

Casting The Vision

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How Do You Inspire Children To Reach For More? I sat on my son’s bed, dismayed once more with the piles of laundry “put away” by stuffing into the closet, in one huge pile. I felt like a failure, looking at cluttered toys, hardly ever used. How did we get this way? We used to […]