Finding Your Greatest Adventure

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I’m often asked this question: “I want to try new things but am afraid others will laugh. How do I begin?” What if the best way to uncover your own dreams in life, your deeper sense of adventure, could be held in your very hands? What if, like a magic potion or Jeanie’s wish, you […]

News And Class Awards!

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Time for some fun updates before we launch into summer. And I mean launch! I’m working with the technical experts to assemble the last pieces for the new website. I’ll be sure to post about the transition as we get closer to launch. Awards announcement for my favorite classroom! I’ve been helping to teach a […]

Top 10 Favorite Tween Fantasy Books

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Elizabeth Van Tassel, resilience expert and fantasy writer, in her snowiest setting of white backdrop in honor of those snowed in this week, walks you through some favorites stories for boys and girls ages ten and up, and younger ones that read above their grades. From gripping plots and great locations with S.E. Grove, amazing […]

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

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It’s been a full time lately, with big challenges, and neat opportunities, too. But it’s very tiring. And we’ve been battling the spring colds. Now, I’m finding such refreshment in the simple things. Walks in the park, blossoms on trees, cool breezes with bike rides. Flying a kite. Sometimes during a hectic season, it’s nice […]

Help Name My Blog, and Giveaway Too!

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I’ve been working on some great things for my website update, including a more fun focus on gems, mysteries, and things for teens and tweens as well as for parents, Moms groups, educators, and people making a new beginning in life. Phew! Now it’s time to name the new blog, which will have separate sections […]

How To Create A Writer’s Wonderland

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Ever wanted to create a lively atmosphere at your school where kids are learning a bunch about writing and hopefully falling in love with the craft—and meeting some great authors, too? Some caring parents at Barnard Elementary recently invited me to participate and I wanted to share some highlights since it was so special. For […]

The Heart Button

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I have sons that I swear are part engineer. From a very young age they were curious about how things worked. At age two, Jonathan accompanied me to the mailbox and we stopped to say hello to the next door neighbor. Suddenly the neighbor grabbed my shoulder and stopped talking. “This has been nice and […]

Lost In A Lightning Minute

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We were innocently playing with beads that you can iron and form into different shapes. My kids made characters from a favorite game. I never thought we’d call creatures like creeper and enderman interesting art! In this game, the good and bad guys are easy to pick out. No one likes the bad guys, but […]