The Stay and Go. Stay.

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Are you at the end of the school year or a very busy season? Take time to slow down. I mean to watch the neighbor mow his yard slowly back and forth, or pick some flowers from the garden, or do a puzzle with a child in your life. Enjoying a slow-down moment does not mean you’ve compromised your dreams, or really stopped being productive. Instead, it can lend renewed perspective to what’s really important in life and what will bring you more longevity.

I’m mentioning this because, of course, I’m trying to learn it myself. It’s been incredibly busy with budding potential for some exciting projects with many authors I’ve got in the works. And I’ve had great interviews with people who frankly amaze me to pieces with their outlook on life after facing huge obstacles and demonstrating such courage and resilience. I can’t wait to share it with you all on the new site soon. We’re almost ready to begin a countdown, as soon as I work out the details with the wonderful tech people who’ve got it under way.

But no matter how much good is there going on, the busyness of life can deplete my sense of well being. Can you relate? And the deep creativity I’ve had on hold comes knocking. It’s just waiting, toe-tapping with its impatience, for me to begin some writing projects and ideas I’ve had spinning in my mind. And I’m my happiest version of “me” when I listen and order life with its sage counsel.

Slowing, watching, hand-holding, yummy-munching, stirring, pouring, swimming, sniffing, kicking, smiling, giggling. This feeds my insides. It brings my smile closer to the surface. It makes my soul sing to heaven in thankfulness for the simple things in life and yearn to connect. To be.

So in your going, remember to stay a bit, too.

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