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Thorn & Vine

Welcome to Thorn & Vine, and our new blog and YouTube channel as part of the Elizabeth Van Tassel website. To view a list of posts click HERE.

Resilience is more than a hallmark, it’s a lens through which I strive to learn and grow in life’s challenges.

Have you ever wondered what resilience is, and whether some of your favorite authors had any difficulties in their own lives to overcome? Stay tuned for one-on-one, in-person visits with authors like Debbie Macomber, DiAnn Mills, Cara Putnam and Pepper Basham. For the young adult audience, we’re talking with Nadine Brandes and debut author Sara Ella, and more.

The Style

Using my expertise as a gemologist, I’ll present gorgeous gems, historical mysteries, and post reviews for beautiful gem and mineral exhibits. Inspirational style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley will bring a smile to your perspective along the way too. Each month, there will be different fiction authors with resilient characters for teens, tweens, and adults featured on the site as well. There will be video interviews with best-selling and up-and-coming fiction authors bringing the latest in inspiring and adventurous tales to lift your heart and mind.

The Thorns

I know what it’s like to run into a pain that strikes like a deep, penetrating thorn and to emerge stronger. As a wildfire survivor and having dealt with key family medical emergencies, I’ve felt the sting of losing everything physical, and had to overcome setbacks for myself and those I love. I’ve uncovered gems of the heart that can shorten your path through pain and difficulties in life.

The Vines

Where the thorns are life’s challenges, the vines are the things that support us and help us prevail. Whether it’s insights from my life experiences or other experts, we’ll have quarterly specials on topics like bullying, dealing with liars, friends vs. frenemies, loss, and other things to make you stronger. Beauty is a big part of being resilient, too, so there will be resources for having more from the inside, out.

Book Reviews

Thorn & Vine will showcase great fiction that has exceptional characters who rise above challenges, capture inspiring themes and ideas that uplift us, and stories that are fun for tweens, teens, and adults. Whether a lightning-fast paced dystopian, sweet but inventive light romance, fantasy with fantastic locations and drama, or authors that bring resilience to the heart, the books here will inspire you to stop looking in the rear view mirror, and, instead, reach forward to a refreshed and adventurous outlook. Check them out right here.

Regular posts will fall into three categories, with occasional features with teen and tween writers, or special events.

  • Life 101: living well and intentionally
  • A Beautiful Life: exploring creativity and beauty, and
  • Life Stories: stories of resilience, inspiring interviews, and book reviews.

Can’t wait to connect with you! – Elizabeth

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  1. Sarah Davison says:

    Ok, Elizabeth…I’ve never read a blog regularly, so work with me. Perhaps this will help you understand us old folks, lol, that are interested as grandparents (no…not even close to being one yet, so no worries). Does one sign up for a blog? And how do I sign up for your newsletter?

    • Elizabeth Van Tassel says:

      Hi Sarah! There are two ways to sign up. You can either go to the home page and simply scroll down to the most recent blog posts. Right below that area is a button with “Sign Up For My Blog!” Click it and enter your information. Or if you want to go directly to signups now, go to “” target=”_blank”>MailChimp and insert your information into Mail Chimp. I’m starting the newsletter posts, which will go right to your email, next week! Thanks for your interest and support!

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