• Visiting With Elizabeth

Elizabeth Van Tassel has really lived a life with diamonds, wildfires, and miracles. The gemologist and communication specialist has held a modern-day Faberge egg, played with pink diamonds, and spoken to hundreds of people about adventures with heart. By touch, she once knew whether a South Sea pearl would test real or fake. She has spotted rainbows inside of gems and shopped for emeralds in South America. Now she winds her tales of wondrous gems and destructive loss into fantastic fantasy for the next generation and beyond.

But it’s not all sparkle. Elizabeth has found gems of true meaning as a wildfire survivor who lost every possession. She has helped her family through horrific medical traumas with her son almost dying, and her husband’s stroke. Determined to thrive, rather than just get by, now she spots potential as much as she finds inclusions in her microscope.

Her creative eye and stories of survival help others to rise above circumstances and begin meaningful life changes. Using her background as a gemologist, and years of corporate marketing expertise, and volunteer youth ministry, Elizabeth understands how to craft messages with depth and intrigue for tweens. She also speaks, hosts classes, and blogs for adults and kids about how to live a resilient life.

Family Life

Elizabeth has been married to her wonderful husband John since 1999, and they have two great sons who are tweens/teens. She lives in Southern California and enjoys reading fiction and nonfiction, following developments in the gem world, doing acrylic painting, cooking up fun recipes, drinking tea with friends, gardening, and watching her kids in the band, Boy Scouts, and fencing.

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