Woman on a hill looking thoughtful with Resilience Expert Elizabeth Van Tassel

A friend hurts…Don’t stand by idly waiting to help

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Recently people keep asking me for advice about how to help others in need. You see, I’ve walked through very dark seasons of life with losing all our possessions, surviving wildfires, dealing with death or sickness, chronic pain issues, financial challenges, and more. You name it. We’ve seen it. Surprisingly, one of the hardest lessons […]


10 Ways To Help A Family This Holiday

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Do you know a family going through a rough patch? Perhaps they’ve just had tough news about health issues or a significant loss through natural disaster or other ways. With all of the recent fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and seeing some friends recovering from hurricanes in other parts of the country, I yearn to help. […]

For 2015 Wildfire Victims, How To Emergency Evacuate

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I’ve been watching the maps with more than seven states dealing with wildfires and wanted to post some tips if you or your friends know anyone that might need to evacuate. As a wildfire survivor, we’ve learned a few things along the way and wanted to share them in this difficult time. I’ll also be […]