Fourtané Jewelers delights with stories behind gems

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On a cold, rainy day in Carmel, CA, I tucked inside and found a whole other world with the wonderful, historic Fourtané Jewelers. As a gemologist, I’m always looking for exceptional jewelry, and as a resilience expert I love to focus on beauty. I was especially thrilled to spend time with their master jeweler who […]


Enter A World of Gems with Eiseman Jewels

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Join me for a special visit to Richard Eiseman Jewels, where I used to work as a gemologist, in Dallas, Texas. It is a joy to introduce you to some of my favorite people and an exceptional purveyor of fine jewelry and watches. Come get up close to gorgeous pearls, diamonds that capture a ray […]

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A Dog with Diamonds

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A Dog with Diamonds? An intriguing curse? A miserable queen? Could so much adventure be wrapped up in the Hope Diamond? This may sound like a storyline for Raiders of the Lost Ark, except this all involves  one very famous gemstone called the Hope Diamond. It is an extraordinary deep blue color and weighs 45.53 […]

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Great Fake, Great Escapes

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Did you know that the large ruby, called the Black Prince’s Ruby, on the front of Britain’s Imperial State Crown isn’t a ruby at all? For centuries there was no way to really tell the difference between red spinel and rubies. But this gem has such a rich history that its value stands out. Touching […]

San Francisco Christmas Gem Tour

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As a little holiday gift, I’m taking you gem shopping in San Francisco. In addition to being a resilience expert, I also am a graduate gemologist and write gem-filled mysteries for teens and tweens. It’s been a good year, and together we’ve tackled tough topics in life, bringing new insights together for more resilience in […]

Guest Blogging At Seriously Write!

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Today I’m guest blogging at the wonderful blog to encourage writers, Seriously Write. My thanks to Dawn Kinzer for inviting me to share tips on how to share gems from your heart about being resilient in difficult times, without sharing the “rough.” Come join me there!