Bubbles of Childhood Joy

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I walked to school to get my boys at the end of a busy day, and in front of me a young girl skipped down the sidewalk. Then she returned close to her Daddy’s side, never going too far ahead. First she squeezed her Daddy’s hand, then she looked at him, tall above, and decided […]

The Hidden Hearts

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On a wonderful vacation recently I started seeing things. No, really. First, after swimming with the turtles, I was resting and taking photos when I felt one in particular might be special. Get it this direction, a little voice whispered. After I peeked at the frame, I saw why. As you gaze into the pool […]

Don’t miss the Christmas whimsy

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The holidays are here and elves have appeared, ballerinas dance with nutcrackers that come alive, and all kinds of stories and historical tales find renewal underneath Christmas trees and other scenes. It seems like the child’s eye of life takes over once a year, briefly, and allows us all to relax into the memories of […]

The Hidden Magic

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Have you had a season of life where you felt bogged down, burdened by too many options and commitments? Look for that tinge of hidden happiness, and keep following it. There is a hidden joy that surprised me recently. It reminds me of watching a thorn-bearing rose bush come to life as the fragrant flowers […]

The Heart Button

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I have sons that I swear are part engineer. From a very young age they were curious about how things worked. At age two, Jonathan accompanied me to the mailbox and we stopped to say hello to the next door neighbor. Suddenly the neighbor grabbed my shoulder and stopped talking. “This has been nice and […]

Right-turn The Blues Away

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A Recipe For Abounding Hope A weekend of down moments punctuated with sick ones, sad news, and first my husband being far away, then my son going out of town with his class, left me a bit blue recently. My wonderful husband instantly suggested a right turn, which was so nice it felt like a […]

Captivating Resilience

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Part Five of the Lockout Series Moving into Freedom’s Fullness Every morning, a sweet hummingbird greets the day from the branches of our backyard plum tree. He is faithful to protect his territory. He is elegant in his stance, high above his grounds. He never leaves his watchfulness to others. He protects his domain from […]

Escape the Quicksand of Heartache

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What is heartache? I’d define it as that sinking feeling when a difficult topic arises with a friend. It can be connected to relationships or experiences, but it’s that quicksand of loss and hurt that surrounds you when the topic or person comes up. So how do you transform your emotions after a season of […]

Beautiful Moments

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Valentine’s Day brings out mixed emotions for most people. At best, it’s a way to remind those you care about how special they are to you. But sometimes it can place unwanted pressure to be perfect or stir up difficult memories. If you are caught in the latter, I encourage you to seek out a […]

Gems Or Stinky Penguins? 10 Tips For A Resilient Christmas

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“You’re going to love Christmas here!” One of my coworkers smiled broadly as we layered in ropes of South Sea pearls and artfully arranged displays of diamonds and broaches in the front windows. “But what you’ll remember most is that the penguins stink.” Another coworker chimed in. How right he was. When I was a […]