Because We Survived

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Because We SurvivedCouple holding hands.

by Elizabeth Van Tassel

Because we survived great loss in the fires,

our family became a little less attached to stuff and more connected to one another.

Because we survived my husband’s stroke,

we’ll discuss embarrassing things like snoring, if it will save a life or spare someone from walking in our footsteps.

Because we survived having a son in and out of critical health early in his childhood,

every day—even a trying one—is a gift and we try to remember this.

Because we survived financial difficulties and poor decisions early on,

we’ve tried to make better ones, and learn from our mistakes sooner at least.

Because we survived our five-year-old son being emotionally bullied,

we know how to discuss tough issues and encourage others in difficult times.

Because we survived losing a child to miscarriage,

we can have true empathy for others walking through loss.

Because we survived,

we got to watch life-saving miracles first-hand, and are bountifully encouraged in our faith and hope.

But most of all, because we survived these and other things,

        we are here to serve and share lessons out of our journey.

We choose to be resilient and help others in our path

hold the Father’s hand,

cry on His shoulder,

and find comfort in the biggest arms possible,

that can hold any sorrow, any loss, any difficulty—and anyone.

Even you!

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