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Candle, comfortable seating near a window with author Elizabeth Van Tassel

Can one little voice make a difference? I hope so. Having taken pause to notice a few things in the world, and help us craft our own world a bit more after our recent move, I’m going to be fine-tuning the blog and my social media in the coming months.

A force for the positive

It’s been a bumpy year and I can’t thank my writing community and friends enough for your support. I’ve noticed that even the smallest gesture can make a difference – an email, a call, a positive or funny post on line. Just that one little thought or giggle can help so much. I want to join that kind of movement myself so you’ll notice an intentional effort from me on line to support writers, readers, kids, and families in their quest, whether in fiction or real life.

A sleuth for excellence

I’m asked pretty regularly – What is a good book for my teen or tween? Do you know any new picture books that are witty or funny? I’m going to continue the hunt for Great Reads and keep posting, with an emphasis on middle grade since I love writing and reading for that age group. Stay tuned for more ideas here!

Encouraging the downtrodden

Whenever there’s a natural disaster or a friend who encounters a huge life challenge, I want to help. I’ll keep searching out great stories of resilience now and then to bolster those who are fighting for their children, families, marriages, and community. It’s been such a help with our own batch of challenges to keep focused on the positive in life, and connect with people in the writing community or others who are making a difference.

An eye for beauty

When life hits the bumps, I’ve continued to try and focus on something with intrinsic beauty – a park outing, or even a special gem (since I’m a gemologist), and I’ll highlight a gem per month about which you may not know a lot but has an interesting story to share. And also continue with ideas for great family outings we’ve experienced.

Posts for teens and tweens

Whether it’s ideas for birthdays or a neat experience to share, Thorn & Vine will begin hosting guest posts with writing, lifestyle, and ideas for kids. I’m very excited to share this platform for kids’ creativity and love for writing!

So, thanks for your patience while we’ve been settling in and I’m looking forward to connecting!


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